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Wereweasel is the business entity behind Ennuicastr, a sole proprietorship run by Yahweasel (who does not use his real identity online for privacy reasons). Ennuicastr is the only per-se product by Wereweasel at the moment, and is open source.

In addition to Ennuicastr, Yahweasel is the author of several infrastructure libraries relating to web multimedia. In particular:

There's also some various/miscellaneous software that Yahweasel has authored:

Yahweasel is also a collector of weird, obscure games, and streams them and makes YouTube videos of them. People who know Yahweasel from YouTube probably have no idea that the developer aspect of Yahweasel exists, and people who know Yahweasel as a developer have no idea that the YouTube side of Yahweasel exists!

This web page is only here to be a landing page for people looking for Yahweasel but not looking for Ennuicastr or his Let's Playing/streaming. You can contact Yahweasel via any of the methods on the Ennuicastr contact page.